The History Of Energy Saving Lighting

  • Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

Times Are Changing

Although LEDs are a star attraction of the lighting industry and will be an innovation leading the future, the first LED was invented in 1962 by Nick Holonyak Jr. Since then it has taken many years to get LEDs up to a high-quality standard; for a reasonable price with applications for a range of different uses. Outlasting a traditional halogen or incandescent many times over because LEDs are not run on filaments which burn out quickly.  Keep reading! Let’s cover some interesting topics…


Humans are contributing heavily to the well-known fact that the world is becoming polluted beyond repair. Some people, among certain politicians, will bury their heads in the sand to the problems we all face in environmental destruction. Converting homes, offices, and buildings to LED lighting is one huge way to help reduce and prevent pollution and important environmental issues and human behaviours.


By installing Energy Saving LEDs, not only are you making a positive contribution to saving the environment, you are saving money too! There is a monumental difference in the cost of running a traditional incandescent bulb to the cost of running an LED. LED light bulbs only use approximately 20% of electricity to produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs. So with an energy efficient lighting solution, you can benefit from up to 80% savings on your lighting, contact us today to find out how much you could be saving.

The Future

LEDs are the way of the future. With major technological advances in the LED industry, this superior lighting system has come a very long way since it’s infamous dismal start to the lighting industry. The advances in this technology have developed typical LED colours from the basic red, yellow, blue and green to different variations of white; cool white, natural white, and warm white (most popular for residential use).

Here is a fact!

Did you know LEDs don’t attract bugs?

The stated reason that bugs don’t fly toward LEDs is that bugs are attracted to ultraviolet light and LEDs don’t give off this type of light. Sick of those pesky bugs flying around your exterior lighting? We can help you with that, contact us today

We all have a key role in energy efficiency, our future depends on it.
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