Key Benefits of Being an Environmentally-Friendly Business

  • Tuesday, 27th August, 2019

Going green is a necessity – to put it mildly. Terminology, like global warming and depletion of the ozone layer, that once seemed like horror tales of the future are here today. Australian businesses have started going green. But going green is a big responsibility. Should organisations take the pains of becoming environment-friendly? How will it help businesses?

Today, businesses can benefit immensely by running environment-protection initiatives. From saving money to staying compliant with the law, there is only good that can come out from being environmentally friendly.

 Improve your reputation and strengthen customer loyalty

Did you know that nine out of ten Australians are concerned about sustainability? That’s what a study from HP Australia and Planet Ark has found. With over 90% of Australian consumers and businesses concerned about the environment and its sustainability, businesses can gain a lot in terms of customer satisfaction when they go green.

Customers are happy to exchange their money for goods and services that have been produced in environmentally-friendly environments. Customers are also more likely to stay loyal to an organisation that runs an environment-friendly business. With eco-conscious consumers on the rise, businesses can also attract more customers by their go-green initiatives.

By going green, an organisation will benefit the Australian economy and support the country’s cause to become a more environment-friendly and energy-efficient nation. As a business, you will stand out in the eyes of an environment-conscious nation.

Save money

Between August and September 2018, HSBC undertook a survey on Australian corporates. Two out of three Australian business leaders said environmental factors were the most pressing operational issues that their businesses faced. So, many of them have made changes or are in the process of making changes to their supply chain and operations.

By increasing energy efficiency, businesses can get down their utility costs. Conservergy has found that lighting consumes up to 50% of a business’ energy use. Bad lighting, old technology and old equipment all lead to high energy consumption. Conservergy has created efficient lighting solutions that could save 80% of a business’ lighting and electricity bills. For more information on how your business can save energy, you can get in touch with Conservergy’s energy-saving specialists.

Other ways of saving money include reusing existing material in creative ways, streamlining the transportation of employees and shipping of goods, and reducing carbon emissions.

Get regulatory compliant. Get tax benefits

Several Australian companies have taken a proactive initiative to add environment responsibilities to their company objectives and mission statements. But there are also environment laws that must be followed. It is only a matter of time before these laws become stricter, and companies will be forced to comply. When organisations comply with existing legal regulations, they are following the law. They will also find it easier to comply with new environmental laws that will soon become a mandate in Australia.

Long-term success and sustainability

Organisations that reduce their dependence on natural resources will have a lesser impact on the environment. Also, by becoming less dependent on natural resources than their competitors, they have a better way of dealing with rising costs due to the consequences of climate change. In the long run, these businesses will have a greater chance of long-term success and improved sustainability.

If your business has not taken the path to environmental friendliness, it’s time you did. The sooner you take the initiative to get environmentally-friendly, the sooner you will start reaping its benefits. If your business has taken steps to ensure the environment is protected, perhaps there is something more that you can do. Conservergy can help you find the best energy-saving lighting solutions for your type of business. Give us a call today.


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