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    While warehouses are an essential part of your industrial or commercial business, they can be challenging to plan out from an architectural and building logistics standpoint. When it comes to lighting, warehouses offer an especially unique challenge as they are vast spaces, that have very few windows, and house big shelving units that need to be easily accessible.  With all of these requirements, it can be challenging to maintain efficiency in your lighting. However, it’s also a must, as inefficient warehouse lighting causes energy bills to skyrocket.

    Conservergy is ready, willing, and able to take on all of these challenges and deliver you a fantastic warehouse lighting experience that will reduce your energy costs. We guarantee it!

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  • Choosing the Right Warehouse Lighting

    When you begin to layout the lighting plan for your warehouse build or redesign, there are a lot of things to consider. Of course, you need enough power so that your employees can adequately do their job, but you also want to consider the environmental impact of your lighting, as well as the impact on your bottom line. Lighting large spaces can be costly, so it’s essential to work with a provider that can help you design and build an energy efficient space.

    While HID and MHL style lamps have long been the standard, and are still used today, the developments in LED lighting make it the best choice for your warehouse buildout. Warehouse LED lighting uses far less energy than traditional bulbs while producing equal, or greater, lighting output. LED warehouse lighting also provides a much longer lifespan to the bulbs themselves. They can last upwards of 50,000 hours, which means you won’t have to worry about them burning out and leaving you with uneven lighting.

    We have helped businesses just like yours save money by optimising their warehouse lighting. Our clients have experienced amazing results such as increasing light output by 150% while decreasing their power use by 60% and lowering their carbon footprint. Let us help you transform your warehouse from a dull, dark space into a bright, productive and energy efficient workspace.

    How Bright Should My Warehouse Lighting Be?

    You always want your warehouse to be bright enough for the workers to be able to do everything they need, efficiently. The colour of the interior of your warehouse will play a part in what our lighting experts recommend for power. If your ceilings and walls are lighter in colour, they may be more reflective so that you won’t need as much power. If you happen to have windows or skylights, you may also be able to use lower power fixtures, while still getting the light that you need. If your facility needs variable lighting, our experts can work on a plan to wire your fixtures to individual switches, giving you more control over the brightness in your facility.

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    What Light Distribution Pattern Should We Use?

    When planning the lighting fixture distribution for your warehouse, there are typically two options available to you. The first is an “I” type pattern that utilises long, narrow rows of lighting. This style of fixture distribution is excellent when you have a space with equally long shelving units. Having the light appropriately distributed provides top-down lighting right where it’s needed.

    The other typical option for lighting is a “V” pattern. This works best in warehouses that feature a more open floor plan, where you need a more widespread light pattern. These fixtures are typically circles or squares to distribute the light in a much more extensive array.

    No matter what type of lighting pattern you need, we can help. We can even help implement custom fixture patterns if that’s what your warehouse requires.

    How Should the Fixtures Be Spaced?

    The spacing of your lighting fixtures is equally important to the power output in terms of lighting coverage. Having the right pattern means needing to use less light fixtures, which means lowering your energy bills! If your lights are too close together, you’ll have spots of overlap where it’s far too bright. If they aren’t close enough, you’ll end with shadowed areas where there isn’t enough light to work efficiently.

    Why Choose LED Lighting

    Have you ever heard the saying a penny saved is a penny earned? When you have an industrial warehouse facility, that saying relates directly to your energy costs. Warehouse lighting typically accounts for 20 percent of a company’s total electrical bill, and in some cases, it can be as high as 40 percent. Utilising warehouse LED lighting solutions from Conservergy can drastically reduce your energy bills, as well as reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

    In a large facility, the labour costs of maintenance can add up quickly, and reducing the number of light bulbs that need to be changed by switching to LED lighting can contribute to a boost in your bottom line. When compared to traditional lighting options, LED lighting systems offer a much longer life, which means your staff spends less time dealing with them.

    LED lighting works exceptionally well with automation such as sensors, timers, and other technology. This differs from traditional lighting systems, where the power is often harshly cut on and off, leading to more wear and tear on the bulbs, and a higher operating cost.

    Why Work with Conservergy

    Our experts have the knowledge and experience to help you cut your energy costs by implementing a state-of-the-art LED lighting system in your warehouse. We’ll conduct a full energy audit, inspecting your existing lighting fixtures and systems, and begin formulating a plan. We work with you every step of the way, clearly outlining the work that we do so that there are never any surprises. We know that your business is extremely important to you, and we treat each project like it is our own.

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    Typical response time: under 60 minutes (during business hours)