• Retail LED Lighting Solutions Brisbane

    Retail spaces are an important part of any business. Planning the architecture and lighting of a retail space plays a crucial role in its success. While retail spaces may be small or large, the challenges in lighting them up remain the same.

    Whether it’s for shelves lining walls or window displays, choosing the right retail store lighting can have a significant impact on your customers’ store experience.

    The key to effective retail store lighting is drawing attention to the right products and nudging your customers to make the right buys. Doing this successfully can be hard, given the diversity of fixtures, surfaces, and displays in any retail space.

    What’s more, inefficient retail store lighting design can skyrocket bills while failing to serve your purpose. Avoiding this major pitfall can be easy if you recruit the right services.

    Conservergy’s mission is to cut energy costs for clients through efficient and effective retail store lighting ideas.

    • Eureka Street Furniture

      The challenge presented to us by Eureka Street Furniture was to reduce energy costs while increasing the brightness in the store. By replacing our client’s 88 fluorescent tubes with 99 LEDs, 89 LED panel lights and 10 Wall Display LEDs, we made the store more vibrant and saved them $3000 in energy bills annually.

    • Robertson Gymnastics Tingalpa

      Our goal for working with Robertson Gymnastics was to eliminate dull spots and create consistent lighting through their premises, while also reducing energy costs. We replaced our client’s 60 HID High Bays with 38 LED High Bays and 3 LED Flood Lights, thereby creating consistent and bright lighting at 77% less energy consumption.

  • Choosing the right LED lighting

    Prior to planning the layout for your retail LED lighting fixtures, there are several factors that you should consider. The basic goal for lighting-up your retail space may be providing sufficient brightness for your products to shine, but it’s also worth your while to consider energy consumption and its impact on your bottom line. Lighting-up retail spaces can prove expensive, which is why it’s essential to work with an energy consultant who can help you design and set up an energy-efficient space.

    Ever wondered why you shouldn’t stick with the standard HID and MIL lamps? Well, they may have dominated the commercial lighting space until now, but the innovations in LED technology is compelling store owners and managers to seriously consider making a switch.

    Retail LED lighting uses significantly less power than traditional lighting while producing equal or greater lighting output. LED lighting also lasts longer, owing to its extra-long lifespan. In fact, some LED lights can last for over 50,000 hours, which means you can rest assured that they won’t burn out and leave you with uneven lighting.

    At Conservergy, we have planned retail LED lighting fixtures for businesses in Brisbane that increased light output considerably while reducing energy consumed by as much as 77%.

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  • What to bear in mind when choosing the right LED retail lighting

    Plan on how to highlight your products using the right types of LED lighting. At Conservergy, we recommend LED lights for different spaces depending on the brightness that you require.

    Consider what distribution pattern you should use across the store to maximise visibility while minimising logistics costs.

    Understand how your fixtures should be spaced so that you can get the most out your LED lighting. Having worked with several retail outfits, Conservergy’s energy consultants have extensive experience in planning retail lighting layouts.

    One of the most effortless ways to manage your retail LED lighting project is outsourcing it to the right agents. Conservergy places special focus on studying your specific lighting problems and designing an efficient, custom solution to address them.

    How bright should my retail lighting be?

    The first rule of lighting up a commercial space is ensuring that there is enough brightness for your business to run efficiently. However, many retail store owners and managers stop at this juncture. By exploring brightness, energy efficiency and design of retail store lighting, you can cut costs, increase profits and improve your customers’ shopping experience.

    Brightness is a key factor in deciding what LED lights to use. Our energy consultants factor in the colour of your walls and natural light entering the space when making brightness recommendations.

    If your walls are painted with a light colour, they are likely to be highly reflective, reducing the necessity for extra brightness. If your retail space has skylights or windows which allow a lot of natural light in, you need even less power. Our lighting experts recommend the power you require based on such analyses.

    Some facilities may require variable lighting to support diverse display areas and products. If yours is such a space, don’t fret. At Conservergy, we have worked with retail spaces of all kinds, garnering experience in how to set-up a host of different lighting patterns.

    Irrespective of what you want, we have experience setting it up. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Conservergy today.

    What light distribution pattern should we use?

    When creating a lighting plan for your retail space, you have to consider what light distribution pattern you want to invest in. Lighting distribution patterns are known to have an emotional impact on customers, guiding the way they interact with your store.

    In retail, there are many ways in which you can direct the attention of customers in a store. Here are a few such methods that you could use.

    • Lighting directly overhead displays to attract customers
    • A mix of vertically and horizontally placed lighting
    • Accent lighting to brighten specific product displays or posters
    • Layered lighting over floodlights to create a stronger impression
    • Built-in lighting within shelves
    • Roof lighting to create a warm shopping experience

    Typically, there are two major overhead lighting distribution patterns recommended by energy consultants. The first recommendation is the “I” pattern, which involves placing lights in long, narrows rows with optimum space in between the rows.

    This style of lighting is great for when you have long rows of shelves that are equally spaced. Having the light distributed in this manner ensures that you have top-down lighting exactly in the spots where it’s required.

    An alternative to this style of lighting is the “V” pattern. This works best in large retail spaces with an open plan. You can use this style of lighting where you want widespread luminescence across a room.

    How should the fixtures be spaced?

    Another concern when creating a lighting plan is deciding how the fixtures should be spaced. The spacing of your lighting fixtures affects your lighting coverage and power output. Choosing the right fixture spacing could mean needing fewer light fixtures and paying less to cover lighting bills.

    What’s more, placing your lighting fixtures too close together could mean overlapping spots that appear far too bright. Conversely, if you place the fixtures too far apart, you will have shadow spots where products may end up getting ignored.

    Why choose LED lighting

    The major benefit of using LED lighting is the energy costs that you can save. But many businesses simply gain more profits by upgrading their lights. Retail stores, for instance, can use lighting to present products in a more compelling manner, so the likelihood of customers buying them increases. An attractive, well-lit store could mean the difference between striking out and out-performing your competition.

    In general, here are a few benefits of using LED lighting in retail stores.

    • LED can help create a welcoming environment – Dull, traditional lighting is a thing of the past in the retail industry. If you want to attract customers with an appealing store, consider switching your traditional lighting with LED fixtures.
    • Enhanced in-store displays – How you present your products with your retail space matters. Customers tend to be fickle minded, and if you want them to commit and make a purchase, you have to make your offerings enticing. LED lighting can do an excellent job in highlighting products and making them investment-worthy.
    • Safer and more welcoming parking lots – Many retail store owners and managers tend to ignore exterior lighting, focusing only on lighting-up their store. Your parking spot is just as much a part of your shopping experience as is your retail outlet. LED lights can make your parking area brighter, safer and easier to navigate.
    • Increased profitability – LED lighting not only saves you energy costs but gives you the opportunity to increase product sales. The lighting patterns and types of LEDs you use have an important role to play in this matter.

    Why work with Conservergy

    At Conservergy, it’s our mission to help you cut energy costs by installing brighter and more energy-efficient lighting. Our energy consultancy experts have extensive experience in conducting audits of your retail space and designing LED lighting patterns that can enhance your store while drastically reducing your energy bills.

    From inspection to installation, we work with you on every step of the way, ensuring that your remodel complies with industry standards and workplace health and safety standards for retail premises lighting in Australia.

    If you are ready to optimise your retail lighting and save substantially on energy bills, get in touch with us right away. We guarantee a pressure-free service focused on helping you meet your lighting needs. Call our experts at 07 3100 9730 today and allow our lighting experts to help you get started.