• Energy Saving Solutions

    Here at Conservergy we don’t just sell lights, we provide energy saving solutions.

    An energy saving solution allows your company to save money by evaluating your current space and needs, replacing inefficient electrical equipment to reducing energy usage and often we improve the quality of the lighting too.

    We make it easy for you to select customised energy saving solutions that will enable your company to save money and be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly all while taking into consideration the unique demands of your business.

    Illuminating your business with inefficient lights may comprise 40 percent of your power bill!

    Our lighting solutions can slash those energy needs by up to 80 percent. Not only can we cut your energy costs, but we are simultaneously able to make your work spaces brighter, safer, more productive, and more environmentally friendly.

    Who Can Benefit from Energy Saving Solutions?

    Conservergy specialises in industrial and commercial applications. If you are currently using incandescent, halogen, metal halide, sodium vapour, or fluorescent fixtures we have products that are capable of saving you money and improving your work environment. Our team has helped illuminate everything from furniture showrooms to transportation accessory factories.

    Benefits of An Energy Saving Solution

    Customised to Your Needs

    After conducting an on-site audit, we carefully pick products that best align with your company’s needs. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and instead prefer to develop a solution that is thoughtfully calibrated to your space. Our team will ensure your energy saving solution works with your existing fittings, provides appropriate brightness and colour temperature of light for your needs, all while saving you the most on your utility bills.


    From start to finish our team will help you make the right decision for your space. We stock a selection of high-quality products, and our knowledgeable staff will ensure that whatever solutions you select are optimised for you.

    Once you have selected your products, our accredited master electricians will install your energy efficient led lighting. All that is left after that is for you to reap the benefits of a brighter, more energy efficient lighting for your business.

    All of the Benefits of LED Technology

    Conservergy’s energy saving solutions utilise state of the art LED light fixtures. Beyond simply saving you money on electricity, these fixtures are longer lasting, safer, more environmentally friendly, and more durable!


    At Conservergy we carry and install high quality products with warranties ranging from 3 to 5 years. We are proud of the skill of our team of accredited master electricians and stand behind their work. After you receive your consultation, we will discuss what type of warranty is available for the products that best meet your needs.

    Receive your savings or we’ll pay the difference*!

    Our promise is simple, we guarantee you’ll save money with your new fixtures, and if you don’t receive the savings within the time discussed during the proposal, Conservergy will pay the difference!

    *Terms and Conditions apply

    Our Process

    Conservergy makes implementing energy saving solutions easy with our three-step process!

    On-site Energy Audit

    Our process starts with an onsite energy audit where we gain an understanding of your existing set-up as well as your needs. We’ll assess how much electricity you are currently using for lighting, determine what sort of fixtures your space currently has, and gather additional information to help us find the ideal solution. We consider the age of your building, the quality of light necessary for your business, and your energy savings goals.

    Personalised Proposal

    Next, our team members will meet with you to review your personalised proposal. The proposal will outline and explain your current energy usage compared to what you could be saving with our products. Every step of the way our team members are there to answer any questions you might have.

    Installation of Lighting

    Finally, our accredited master electricians can install your new lighting equipment, ensuring that your transition to efficient lighting is quick and seamless. The quality of our work and products are guaranteed!

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