• To the team at Conservergy, thank you. You have gone above and beyond! To Ingrid for her prompt quotes and bubbly personality. To Nigel for the experience and expertise. To the incredible lights; now we can see whilst doing our part for the environment with energy efficient lighting.

      RediPlant - January 2019
    • Working with Conservergy was easy and they solved a big problem in one of our retail stores that was too hot from the lighting. Changing the lighting to LED has really brought the temperature down which has had a positive effect on our staff well being as well as our products. We saw significant wastage of products due to them melting and facing. The installation and service they provide is top notch. If only you were national!

      Lush Cosmetics, Brisbane - December 2018
    • The lights are fantastic! The team at Conservergy were fast, knowledgeable and economical, their delivery times exceeded our expectations. The difference in our office with LED Panels is outstanding, you don’t offer mood lighting, however I suggest you can include it - as our mood this morning was much better with our new lights! We did the sums very carefully on the cost of LED Panels compared to the decrease in running cost and the power-saving, we calculated that the LED Panels will be paid off in three years and with the 4 Year Warranty that Conservergy offers, it was a no-brainer!

      Fernland - February 2018
    • We wish to thank Conservergy for their wonderful recommendation on our downlights. The staff where very helpful and we really feel they understood the look we were after. The LED market is very confusing but Conservergy made it simple and we are now reaping the rewards with power savings.

      Steve and Colleen - October 2015
    • Thank you to Conservergy, we are very, very happy with the lights. Job done well, recommendations spot on and the electricians were excellent. The place looks like it is new again.

      Irene - June 2014
    • The new LED lights are much brighter and have no lag time when turning them on, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Not only are they brighter, but also much better quality, and as a result our employees are working much more efficiently. Initially we were sceptical that the initial outlay could be recouped by the savings in our power costs but we have clearly identified significant savings, and we are using the lights for longer shifts - that's improving our bottom line.

      Durapower Industries - October 2013