How Does Conservergy Help

Save your business money…

Conservergy is a team of energy saving specialists, with foundations that are built on more than 30 years of electrical knowledge and our goal is simple; to help small to medium sized businesses reduce energy, save money, make your business energy efficient and quite simply reduce your power consumption.

We find most our valued clients are often sceptical and confused with the benefits and positive attributes LED lighting includes that’s why we are proud to provide access to our energy saving specialists for all your queries and to assist in explaining LED lighting benefits.

Depending on the business you are in, lighting can account for more than 50% of your total energy use, as your most likely using your lights daily, month after month you can imagine this can really add up. With our energy efficient lighting solutions, you can benefit from savings on your electricity and lighting costs of up to 80%.

Sounds so simple, but it can be a challenge without some expert help, that’s why our energy saving specialists are here to assist you step by step.

    We Take A Technical View

    Once we have been in contact with you and your company, our energy saving specialists will supply you with a free, no obligation energy audit. We will come to you and conduct an onsite energy assessment on your electrical make up and energy. From business lighting audit, our team will work on your results and begin forming a personalised proposal sourcing only the very best products for your situation. Additionally, our specialists will provide a free, face to face product demonstration with our state of the art testing equipment, if requested.


    Receive Your Audit Results

    As a result of your workplace audit, you will receive a simple, easy to understand personalised proposal and explanation outlining your current lighting costs and consumption compared to what you could be saving with our products. Our team and specialists will go through your audit results with you step by step ensuring you understand what we assessed and found in your company. We will be there to answer any additional questions you may have about the results.


    Recommendation A Solution

    During the audit results discussion our team will discuss with you what products would suit your situation and go through the LED lighting design with you. We make it easy for you to implement your energy saving recommendations. To give you the best return and only the most efficient and high quality lighting products, they are handpicked especially for you and your audit results. As accredited master electricians, we can not only supply your new lighting equipment but additionally, install it to get you on your journey of saving thousands of dollars quicker.



  • Our Solutions

    From our humble beginnings, we boast on giving our customers the very best service from start to finish and find the technical side of installing energy saving solutions is generally misunderstood, we give you the assurance that you don’t have to be an energy saving expert, because we are.

    In many situations, using old, worn out lighting technology can be a huge addition to adding unwanted dollars to your power bill.  Our energy saving specialists will consider all this during your free business energy consultation and give you the best recommendations of reliable, high quality products, LED lighting designs and energy saving lighting solutions to ultimately affect your bottom line.

    Replacing the lighting at your factory or warehouse is one of the easiest ways you can save thousands of dollars as well as creating a completely different, highly illuminated atmosphere for your employees to work in. An example of Conservergys’ energy saving recommendation would be replacing the old metal halide 400W High Bay lights in your warehouse with Conservergys’ 150W LED High Bays, this simple replacement in light type would provide you with an instant change in lighting output, over 40,000 hours run time  and a huge difference to your power bill – additionally these lights require little to no maintenance.

    While many people may think this is too costly to do, our energy saving specialists take pride in showing you how quickly the cost of the new equipment is consumed by the savings made off your power bill by making our recommended changes. Many of our clients have seen the benefit instantaneously, be sure to check out our portfolio for more information.

  • Request An Audit

    Typical response time: under 60 minutes (during business hours)