6 Things You Need to Remember When Installing Lighting For Your Business

  • Monday, 22nd July, 2019

Lighting can affect everything; it can alter a person’s mood and emotions as well as affect their health. Bright light can affect one’s eyes while dim light can make a person sleepy and depressed. Then, what is perfect lighting? The answer differs based on the purpose of light. Too much light in a movie theatre and too little light in a hospital are the best examples of an improper lighting system.

Lighting is the most crucial element of any business. It may be an office space, a warehouse, a shopping complex, hospital, or even a school, lighting effects productivity. For the best lighting solutions, while installing lighting for a business, the following points must be considered:

Understand the landscape

Proper lighting is the best way to increase the productivity of any business with minimal risk on the health of the employees. The first step to installing lights is to understand the building space.

  • There is no need for excessive artificial lighting, where there are windows and doors.
  • Shadows must be considered before installing lighting.
  •  Height of the room and the purpose of the building space must be considered. Installing lights on the ceiling are beneficial for a warehouse with high racks closer to the roof.
  • Lighting must reach the floor space for better visibility and all purposes.

Sources of light

There are two sources of light- natural and artificial. Accommodating both the sources hold benefits, varying from the best energy solution to the most cost-efficient option. There are different types of an artificial light sources that include:

  • Metal halide: These are high-intensity discharge lamps which provides light from electric arc within a small discharge tube. It is used prominently in stadiums and sports field.
  • Fluorescent lights: These are inexpensive lighting which require more energy than LED.
  • LED lighting: They are an extremely efficient source of light, and they use less energy. They can also be dimmed and customised based on the purpose of use.

Make use of natural lighting

Natural lighting is the most cost-effective source of lighting. But it is impossible to run a business on natural light alone. Make good use of natural lighting while installing lighting in the building space. Less artificial light can be installed in places where there are windows and doors. In case of excessive lighting through windows, blinders need to be installed to the window with enough artificial light in the area.

Different lighting for different tasks

The building layout for a warehouse is different from that of an office space or a retail outlet. The lighting needs differ based on the purpose of the building space. Retail lighting and warehouse lighting are different from each other. Unlike warehouse, a retail outlet needs a lot of light for the products to be visible. Most times, LED lights are used in retail outlets. Retail LED lighting does more than illuminating the space; it entices the customers to buy.

Install an energy saving system

Investing in an energy saving system is an investment in future savings. Energy-efficient lighting systems not only havee monetary benefits but also conserve energy, which otherwise is wasted.

  • Lights can be turned off when there is ample natural lighting.
  • Use of timers and dimmers in the energy saving system to provide the best working environment for the employees.
  • Making use of LED lights reduces the use of energy.

At Conservergy’s services, we provide the best of service to all our customers with energy-efficient, cost-effective lighting system. Call us if you are looking for a lighting system that not only supports the natural resources but also gives a return on investment.

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