Helping Your Business Conserve Energy

  • Wednesday, 13th December, 2017

Your old traditional lighting could be costing YOU up to 75% more than LED replacements would.

Your inefficient lighting could be costing up to 75% more in electricity. You’d have to agree, that money could be better used in your back pocket. Instead its being chewed by your fluorescent tubes or factory lighting that you’ve been replacing for the last 10 years.

Are you so used to using lighting for long periods each day and paying the electricity bill every month or every quarter when it’s due, without thinking about how much money its costing and how much you could be saving.

Businesses are always thinking of ways to try to improve their energy consumption through initiatives and ongoing staff costs, this is great in terms of thinking about the positive impact on the environment and the savings. However, there is no reason why this way of thinking is not relevant to small and medium businesses too and changing the way your business uses energy could be simpler than you think with our help!

Traditional Lighting Replacement costs

Another factor to consider when thinking about your energy consumption is how much your old lighting costs to replace. An LED can last anywhere from 30-50,000 hours, depending on how much you use it. Compared to traditional lighting which you would be replacing much more often. Of course there are also many costs associated with replacement, not only the costs of the light itself but also the cost of an electrician to install and anything that needs to be hired to access the light fitting, possibly occurring with warehouse lighting where the ceilings can be up to 15+ meters high.

How much will it cost you?

The golden question.

On projects over $5000 in value, you can use the savings from your electricity to pay for the cost of the capital expenditure. This allows a very minimal or in some cases no outlay in cost. In a lot of cases this method has shown clients a way to actually make money by using the savings to repay the capital cost and have money left over each month.

Your current electricity retailers plan can also be assessed to ensure that you are on the best rate and tariff for your business.

Taking your businesses energy consumption into consideration is an intelligent way of thinking and a way of gaining maximum profit from your business. Call us on 07 3100 9730 or send an enquiry to and let us help you achieve more for your business.