Actionable Ways Your Business can Cut Electricity Usage and Save Money

  • Wednesday, 15th May, 2019

It is estimated that businesses spend approximately 30% of their energy through inefficient practices.

Electricity costs substantially add to your business’ financial bottom line, so the more electricity you save, the more money you have to plough into essential areas of your business that require the capital. In addition, you will add to a growing go-green initiative by creating a lighter carbon footprint.

Some energy solutions may require a small initial investment; however, in the long run, this expenditure leads to considerable energy savings which will drastically decrease your energy costs. Usually, machinery that requires cooling and heating utilises the most amount of energy, and to better understand which specific areas of your business employ the most energy and are therefore significant contributors to your energy costs, you should consider the following.



One of the most effective lighting solutions for home businesses and offices, energy-efficient light bulbs can reduce energy usage by up to a staggering 80%. Here are some ways you can save a substantial amount of your energy costs on lighting:

  • Motion sensors ensure that lights are always off when someone is not in the room.
  • Compact Fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs last eight times longer than incandescent lights and use 80% less power.
  • The LED lighting is one of the most effective energy solutions on the market. LEDs last 25 times longer when compared to incandescent bulbs and utilise about 75% less energy.
  • Light sensitive sensors automatically turn on the lights at dusk and turn them off at dawn.
  • Adjust the lighting levels in each area depending on the task being performed – better lighting for more arduous tasks and duller lighting for common areas and easier functions.
  • Regularly clean the light fittings because removing the layer of dust allows for brighter light.


Depending on your type of business, refrigeration costs could make up as much as 50% of your energy. However, instead of buying a new refrigerator, here are a few energy solutions that will help you reduce your refrigeration costs.

  • Every 1 degree C you save reduces your system’s energy usage by 2%, so always cool to only necessary temperatures.
  • By decreasing the heat loads on your refrigerator and the air infiltration, you can save on energy. For example, utilise night blinds or strip curtains and switch lights off in the cooled space.
  • Ensure you regularly service your system and check that the evaporators, motors and condensers are clean, while the defrost systems and fans are functioning well. Better-maintained refrigerators contribute to an energy saving of 10%.


Air conditioning

The ideal usage of power for air conditioners is 125 watts per square meter of floor area; so it is essential you select an air-conditioning system depending on the size of space. Also, make a note of the energy rating labels as the star system grades the energy efficiency of the appliance.

  • Employ the Recycle function on the unit because when it cools from the inside, it utilises less electricity when compared to having to cool warmer air on the outside.
  • Regularly service the system as clean filters and vents ensure the system works efficiently and thereby employs less power to run.
  • Keep the shades drawn during the early morning and late evening to decrease the heat from the sun’s rays that infiltrate your workspace.

Pumping systems

Depending on the nature of your business, if you are part of the commercial or industrial sector, then your pumping systems contribute to 10% of your total energy costs. Smart energy solutions that will help you save on electricity consumption are a follows:

  • Decrease the rate for a fixed load
  • Establish a system for highly variable loads
  • Change the throttling valves with controls for speed
  • Replace the pump and/or the motor with a better energy friendly model

Hot water systems

When you introduce economic enhancements to your hot water system, your energy costs can be further reduced by up to 10%.

  • Conduct regular maintenance checks of your hot water systems to improve their functioning
  • Employ economisers
  • Better the conditioning of the boiler water and the water treatment
  • Preheat combustion air
  • Raise the boiler feedwater temperature by 7 degrees C

Conservergy is a leading energy solutions company that will help you save considerable costs by taking into cognisance your specific business space and requirements. They design highly effectively personalised energy saving plans, which include great lighting solutions such as economical commercial lighting and industrial lighting as well as refurbish inefficient electrical machinery that is considerably eating away into your business’ revenue. Conservergy will transform your business into an energy smarter, greener entity and will help you save a substantial packet while doing so.

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