Virginia, Brisbane

Eureka Street Furniture

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    Removal Of Existing Lights
    Supply and Install
    Energy Consumption
    Before:23,940 kW
    After: 12,636 KW





  • The Queensland family owned business, Eureka Street Furniture has specialised in modern & classic recycled timber furniture since 1986. The owners of the Virginia store were presented with an offer to reduce power consumption and increase brightness with Conservergys’ LED panel lighting solutions.

    The Objective

    The store was originally fitted with 88 fluorescent tubes, consuming approximately 84 watts of energy per tube. Based on calculations made by our energy consultant during the clients’ free energy saving audit, the owners were using approximately 23,940kW annually on lighting alone. The existing fittings were giving the store a dull, boring, mismatched atmosphere which lacked professionalism and vibrancy which is crucial in a furniture store to sell products.

    The Process

    Our energy saving consultant Nigel, visited the store and conducted a free, energy saving audit. After inspecting existing fittings and the existing energy usage, the owners were using approximately 23,940kW annually on lighting alone. Not only was this energy consumption outrageous, there were drastic improvements to be made to the stores dull atmosphere. boosting staff morale. After meeting with the client and collecting this information, the team from Conservergy then began preparing a personalised energy saving proposal for this client.


    Conservergy presented the owners at Eureka Street Furniture with a personalised proposal recommending Conservergys very best products. Conservergy supplied and installed in total 99 LEDs, 89 LED panel lights and 10 Wall Display LEDs. Within two days and minimum disruption to the client and their customers the new panel LEDs were strategically installed around the store with wall display lights also contributing to the finished illuminating result. The store instantly became bright, vibrant and fresh and reduced the clients overall energy consumption by almost 50%, resulting in a saving over $3000 in power bills each year.

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    We supplied Eureka Street with the very best products we have available on offer.

    89x 40W LED Panel Lights
    10x 30W Hydra LED Wall Display Lights