Lighten Your Retail Overheads with Energy-Efficient Lighting

  • Tuesday, 18th June, 2019

When running a retail outlet, lighting plays an important role.

Store owners want their shops to look bright and inviting while giving the customers a chance to get a good look at the items on sale. Trial rooms place flattering lights around mirrors so that the customer likes what they see when they try on a new outfit. Bright lighting without the harsh glare gives stores a lively feel and makes customers want to stop by.

But lighting up a store and keeping it lit all through working hours can be costly. Many retailers spend a fair amount of their incomings on electricity bills, which, in turn, affects their profit margins. By choosing energy-efficient retail lighting, it is possible to have the same brightly lit effect and save on costs. Also, choosing the right type of bulbs could save retailers having to replace the bulbs more often and save costs there as well.

Choosing the right lighting for a retail outlet

Choosing the right lighting solutions for a retail outlet is a lot easier than many realise. Here are a few tips that store owners could use when choosing their retail lighting that can considerably reduce overheads.

Conservergy is a leading energy solutions company that will help you save considerable costs by taking into cognisance your specific business space and requirements. They design highly effectively personalised energy saving plans, which include great lighting solutions such as economical commercial lighting and industrial lighting as well as refurbish inefficient electrical machinery that is considerably eating away into your business’ revenue. Conservergy will transform your business into an energy smarter, greener entity and will help you save a substantial packet while doing so.

LED lighting:

LED lighting is the best energy solution available to store owners right now. Retail LED lighting uses far less energy per unit of light produced so that the store gets the same bright effect but uses much less energy. Replacing all the bulbs in a store with LED lighting could prove to be the best solution a retail store owner needs.

Fewer lights:

LED lighting is brighter in comparison to regular bulbs, which is why it is not only possible but also necessary to use fewer bulbs. The same retail lighting effect can be achieved with fewer bulbs, and reducing the bulbs can also prevent a store from getting too bright. Using fewer bulbs saves on both energy costs as well as on buying the bulbs.

Motion sensors:

Adding motion sensors along with retail LED lighting is another smart way to conserve energy. Motion sensors can automatically turn the lights on when someone steps into a room or section of the store and then switch them off when the space is empty. Motion sensors are great for trial rooms, which, when not in use, can be kept dark to save on energy.

Additional advantages of switching to LED lighting

It has been found that switching to LED retail lighting can cut energy costs by up to 20%. The amount saved on energy could well equal to a 5% increase in sales without actually having to increase sales. The other advantage of LED lighting is that the bulbs generate a lot less heat and are more environmentally friendly. By choosing LED energy solutions, retailers are not only reducing overheads but also helping the planet.

LED bulbs last longer, so they have to be replaced less frequently, which is another area where retail store owners can save on overheads. The light produced by LEDs has been found to display colour better, which helps improve the shopping experience for customers. With a better shopping experience, LED retail lighting can also help drive sales.

Why choose Conservergy?

Conservergy is a team of accredited master electricians with over 30 years of experience in the electrical market. Our skills and knowledge can not only help retailers buy and install LED lighting, but we also provide consultation services on the best energy solution for a store. We install brighter and more energy-efficient LEDs that light-up retail outlets perfectly, make the store merchandise look great and get customers wanting to shop at the store. Contact us to know more about how we can work together for better lighting solutions.

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