Energy Saving Strategies for Businesses

  • Tuesday, 18th December, 2018

Energy Saving Ideas for Business

Businesses are always looking for a way to save a dollar where they can, and one often overlooked place is in their energy bill. If you make energy conservation a priority you’ll be friendlier on your wallet, but also on the environment.

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First, you need to understand your business’s energy consumption and take steps to become more efficient in your use. Energy saving solutions will help lower your carbon emissions and reduces costs. An added benefit is being able to label yourself as eco-friendly, or “green”.

There are a lot of low-cost options for how a business can start saving energy and money.

This guide will help you save energy and adopt practices that are energy efficient for your business.

Tips for Saving Energy in Your Business

There are a variety of cost-effective ways that you can save on your energy bill.

You may look energy efficient appliances which will have upfront costs but will make up that initial spend with savings over time. Energy efficient labels can help you choose appliances that will give you the most benefit.

You’ll want to take a close look at energy costs and find out what areas of your business are using the most energy. Usually, equipment that heats and cools will use the most.

One thing that might greatly help is having an energy assessment. They measure your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and can help pinpoint any issues, as well as advise you on how to fix them.

Here are some energy-saving tips that can help your business conserve energy:

Heating and Cooling
First, have your heating and cooling system thoroughly inspected, having your pipes and ducts checked for any damage that could lead to loss of cold, or warm air. You’ll also want to have the units themselves tested, making sure the coils are clean and everything is working correctly.

Solar Energy
If you’re really wanting to step up your efficiency, installing a solar power system for your business, you may not be able to power all of your energy needs, however, using solar energy for even a portion of your use can make a significant impact. Using the power of the sun is a great way to power your energy needs!

Inside Your Building
There’s a lot that can be done on the inside of your business to help with your energy use. You’ll want to make sure the building is well insulated so that when you do spend energy on heating or cooling, you get to use it.

Use timers on your lights, and always be sure that they are off at the end of your workday. While this may seem simple, you’d be amazed at the amount of electricity that is wasted from just leaving the lights on. The same goes for all the various electronics your business might have. TV’s, computer hardware, copiers and other electronics should all be powered down.

Ask Employees To Do Their Part

Sending out a reminder to your employees about how they can help to keep energy costs down is always a good idea. Encourage them to do things like taking advantage of electronic communication instead of faxing and when they do need to print, to do so in a double-sided format to cut down on both energy, and printer ink. Having signage up to remind folks always to be sure the refrigerator is closed in the break room is another small help that can go a long way.


Utilising these tips can lower your costs and improve your bottom line. It will also lessen your businesses effect on the environment. If you understand how your business is using energy and become more efficient, it can benefit you in many ways.

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