6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using LED Lighting

  • Thursday, 30th August, 2018

Depending on the type of business and how often you leave the lights on, lighting can be responsible for 50% of your power bill. If you are using inefficient, standard bulbs in your lighting fixtures, then you are literally throwing money away.

As a business owner, you are obviously concerned with operational cost. Changing over to LED lighting fixtures could save you a significant amount on your monthly bills. However, while power cost savings is the blanket reason for switching to LED light, there are many aspects to LED that are beneficial. Here are 6 reasons why your business should be using LED lighting.

Energy Efficiency

Of course, with energy efficiency comes lower energy cost and a savings on your monthly bill. LED lighting solutions are efficient in another way, as well. LED lighting is mounted onto a flat surface; thus, the light is aimed at a specific area. This allows the illumination of spaces you want, while not lighting areas you do not need lit.

LED lighting solutions are also temperature efficient. This means that the LED bulbs generate far less heat than traditional lighting methods. Less heat production means less cooling costs – another way to save on energy costs.


LED lighting is typically more durable than traditional glass or quartz bulbs. These bulbs are vulnerable to vibration and are certainly fragile to the touch. LED lights can sustain blows without breakage and are not sensitive to vibration. While a direct or violent impact could certainly damage an LED, they are far more durable than their predecessors.

LED lighting solutions also last longer than traditional bulbs. Depending on the product, LED can last for over 50,000 hours. That is five years of the lights being on without a single replacement in lighting. A longer lasting solution prevents frequent bulb changes and unexpected burnouts.

LED light solutions are also able to withstand cold temperatures and maintain efficiency. Traditional fluorescent lighting requires a higher wattage to operate in the cold, thus ramping up cost. An LED lighting solution is great for refrigerated areas or outdoor use.


LED lighting specialises in its ability to integrate with dimming solutions. Creating a dimming switch for traditional lighting can be costly, while LED is naturally compatible with control systems. Also, LED can dim to 10 percent of full output, where traditional lighting can only reach 30 percent of full output dimming capability.

Given its inherent compatibility with technology, LED is also a smart system compatible solution for your business. Computerised lighting can be a great choice to ensure power is not being used unnecessarily.

Cycling Capability

Traditional lighting solutions are impacted by the frequent cycling from on, to off, to on again. This can cause the scenario where bulbs expire faster based on their cycling frequency. LED light solutions are not impacted by rapid cycling at all. Thus, if you have a high traffic area that is frequently power cycled, LED lighting is a much better choice.

Instant Lighting

Many fluorescent and HID lighting options can take several minutes or longer to fully brighten a space. This can cause a nuisance and unnecessary delays. LED lighting comes on instantly to its maximum brightness. If your employees come in from darkness or the power has been out, instantly lighting a space can be very convenient and beneficial.

Environmentally Friendly

Many businesses look to claim they are environmentally friendly, as customers are often showing preference to eco-friendly businesses. LED lighting is a far friendlier option for the environment. Obviously, the energy efficiency aspect is beneficial as less energy usage means less power production. Less power production is better for the environment.

Also, LED lighting is far safer to dispose of. The new efficient CFL bulbs require special disposal, as they become toxic by generating mercury. Improper disposal means that their toxicity is released into the environment. LED lighting is a much better option in the long run when considering the environmental impact.


Overall, switching your business to LED lighting solutions can save you major costs on energy. It is also good for many other reasons that can save time and money, which every business owner loves.


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