5 Ways LED Lighting Can Transform Your Living Space

  • Friday, 15th March, 2019

Durable, energy-efficient, and can last nearly twice as long as regular bulbs, there’s no doubt that LEDs are the way of the future.

It’s hard to mistake the trend towards these powerful little bulbs, whether they are used in homes, in businesses, or even in a car’s headlights, there’s no way to avoid them. And why would you want to? They’re safer to produce, and while they might be a little more costly up-front, the savings you’ll see on your electricity bill more than compensate for their singular shortcoming.

With all those pros, do you really need another reason to make the switch? Well, here are five more!

1. Eco-friendly

Of course, it will always be best to rely on natural light whenever and wherever possible, but until a natural replacement for the sun comes onto the market, LEDs are the next best thing.

While it’s true they’re made up of glass and other toxins that aren’t exactly environmentally friendly, because they have such a long life, consume much less electricity, and emit more light without all that harmful polluting radiation, it’s easy to classify these as more environmentally-friendly than other types of lightbulbs.

2. Variety

LEDs come in all shapes and sizes, and can practically fit anywhere without hassle. Do you need a strip beneath your kitchen counters? A wall sconce to light up your dreary bathroom? Floor and table lamps to illuminate a living room or a study? Or maybe just some simple down-lights for a bedroom? Chances are, there’s already an LED that would fit perfectly wherever and whenever you need it.

3. Palette

As any working professional in the art world will tell you, a palette is everything. A cream wall with light blue accents might be calming, but sooner or later you’ll want a change, and all that paint quickly racks up quite the bill.

Instead of turning to new flooring suggestions or adding some tacky wallpaper to those boring walls, LEDs that come in a wide variety of hues can add a little spice to an otherwise boring room.

Consider adding warmer, redder tones for a romantic evening in the bedroom, or some fun yellows and greens to a child’s play area! Anything is possible with a little foresight and imagination.

4. Aesthetic

A room with sharp, cold lighting can intensify focus and inspire creativity, while a room bathed in soft, warm light is meant to ease tensions and create a sense of peace. Mixing and matching the intensity and tone of LEDs can completely transform a room from a place of study to a place of fun in a matter of seconds.

Because LEDs come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colours, it makes it easy to design any room to fit your own personal style. A soft yellow LED installed in a funky, curvy lamp makes a great game-night light source, and who doesn’t love a hanging, multi-hooded chandelier lighting up a dining room? LEDs can even be controlled by remote, which is an excellent way to put on a colour-show for anybody in view.

5. Personality

What it all comes down to is that your home is your hovel. It’s a space for you to work in, to play in, to love in. While you won’t always be satisfied with the state of things, a new light or three is a quick and easy way to transform a space entirely, and why not treat yourself to something efficient, durable, and money-saving?

With the extensive variety in bulb types and hues, the technology that allows any household user to dim or brighten the light with the simple push of a button, and its reliability, LEDs are the best, most eco-friendly fit in any home. Treat yourself!

If you are interested in further understanding how you can be using lighting to increase your energy efficiency, contact us today to arrange a consultation and speak to one of our energy saving lighting specialists.

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