5 Steps to an Energy Happy Workplace

  • Tuesday, 10th January, 2017

1. Evaluate

The first step on your journey to energy efficiency is to assess your workplace or consult a professional energy auditor. Identify opportunities and small things you can do now, to start conserving energy and using it wisely. Inefficient lighting and older equipment can use a significant amount of wasted energy. Look for ‘hot spots’ and avoid peak hours, as electricity is more expensive during these times. Review your maintenance schedule, and develop a plan to upgrade to energy efficient appliances/equipment over time. This will save you money in the long run.

TIP: Lighting, heating, and cooling are the three biggest energy culprits in commercial buildings.


2. Conserve

Energy behaviours are usually ingrained in your workplace culture, so if you typically leave lights or computers on, when they are not needed, it’s highly likely, so does everyone else. Start small, put on a morning tea or produce some bright energy checklist posters to get the message out to employees that your workplace is ready to make a difference.

TIP: Engage people from day one and empower them to contribute to the plan.


3. Invest

With some equipment costs, the idea of spending a lot of money can be off-putting, especially if you are a small business. However, there are businesses like Conservergy that offer energy saving solutions with optional payment plans so your future energy savings actually pays for your investment. Contact us to find out what we can offer you. Lighting technology has come a long way and there are plenty of clever switches, timers, and sensors available. Occupancy sensors are providing popular, especially in areas that are not always in use; such as toilets, stairwells, and storage areas.

TIP: As a building owner, you have a greater chance of attracting tenants if you meet minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). Check legislation as some buildings must comply now.


4. Reward

Within a month, you should start seeing the benefits of being energy efficient. It takes time to change a workplace culture, and thanking the staff and celebrating goals is an important part of changing behaviors. Make a fuss, put on a lunch, show the energy targets on a poster and get everyone along. showing you care about people is just as important as showing you care about the environment.

TIP: Energy efficiency starts and ends with you, so be a great leader and energy ambassador.


5. Inspire

Adopting energy efficient practices benefits your business and is great for workplace well being. Make it a regular agenda item at staff meetings. If someone initiates a great energy idea, implement it and recognise their efforts. Measure your success and add new goals. Positive change contributes to your brand and that’s a competitive advantage. With government leading energy efficiency, there are opportunities to showcase your achievements. Share your stories with local media and a case study for industry websites.


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